How food changed in India!

A recent trip to India reminded me of how food had changed, even since the time I was a child. It helped me ask a few questions to my grand mom who is now over 90 and reach out to a fellow blogger who was in India too at that time to understand how food changed in dififerent parts of the country. Read More

Perfectly Organic!

Our great grandparents survived on a completely organic diet-it was called 'Food' NOT 'Organic Food'. Modern farming methods that involve the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides did not exist back then. Over the few decades, our diet and farming practices have changed significantly owing to the ever increasing population and lack of time, however our bodies and our genetics have not evolved to accept these chemicals and food laced with toxins that our body doesn’t recognize. Read More

Healthy Grocery Shopping Tour

Take the guess work out of shopping groceries. Healthy eating requires picking the right ingredients without breaking the bank. Learn to pick new, healthy replacements. During this tour you will learn Read More


Can children really digest sugar?

Refined sugar affects kids and adults alike. If we give up sugar, so should our children! Surprisingly, sugar is offered to children as young as 6 months old. Slowly, they develop a taste for sugar and then like all their drinks or meals sweetened. This trend continues through adulthood, thus robbing the body of valuable nutrients, and leading to obesity, low immunity amongst other health issues. Read More


Food is Fun: A Healthy Eating Workshop for kids

A fun Workshop for kids between 6-10 yrs -A fun and interactive workshop with kids discussing nutrition and health -Several activities and games involving team work -Recipe creation -Healthy Food sampling Read More


The 'Healthy' Myth!

Our concept of health has increasingly become so skewed-so lopsided that we tend to overlook the very meaning of "being healthy" Focus on feeling healthy, doing your best to get out there and exercise-dance if you want, go biking, hiking, do yoga, pilates, get to the gym-do whatever works for you but get that body moving Read More