A sexy black dress and clear skin challenge!

A sexy dress and clear skin

Join me in this 7 days challenge! We will eat towards fitting into that LBD you bought for the holidays, or maybe just plan to fit into a sexy dress this holiday season.

What's included

  • Shopping lists,
  • Recipes
  • Daily meal plan
  • Daily support


October 23
November 6
November 13
December 4

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Building Immunity in kids

We all wish for stronger and healthier kids who never have to miss school or play! Join me in this 1.5 hour session of learning how to build a stronger foundation, what to avoid, what to add in their food and lifestyle.

This will be an interactive meet where I will tell you all that I know about kids immunity and you can ask as many questions as you'd like!


We will touch upon:

  • Why Fall-Winter is the “Cold & Flu” Season
  • Nutrition for Strong Immune System
  • Immunity-Boosting Foods
  • Using natural foods to Boost Immunity and Fight Infection
  • Gut Health and the Immune System

When, Where, How Much

When: September 9, 2017

             3 pm-4:30 pm

Where: 20 S Santa Cruz Ave, Ste 300, Los Gatos, CA 95030

Price: $29/Person

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Dealing with Fibromyalgia!

As a Health Coach, when I realized what I had been going through for years is Fibromyalgia, I didn't know whether to finally be happy that I have a diagnosis or be upset because I didn't realize all this while. It took me a few hours to realize I had NOT failed myself. I was human, could have issues that needed to be dealt with Read More

Helping kids make Healthier Choices In Numbers!


Food associations are made at a very young age. When we force kale down our children’s throat, remember, they will never touch it again when they have the choice.

Solution? Help kids make the choice themselves, equip them with knowledge. Kids are very logical and absorb a lot of information through our words, actions and choices!

Important numbers when helping kids to make healthy choices:

  • 5-10... Kids form strong food preferences between the ages of 5-10.
  • 25... According to the American Heart Association, kids should consume less than 25 grams or 6 tablespoons of “added-sugar” daily to prevent a possible sugar addiction, hyperactivity and low immunity in kids.  
  • 8... According to the American Heart Association, kids should drink no more than 8 ounces of “added-sugar” beverages weekly to prevent obesity and diabetes in kids.
  • #40, #6, #1... Artificial colors Red #40, Yellow #6 and Blue #1, are used in many foods leading to hyperactivity, lack of attention, sleep problems, mood swings among other things in kids. This one goes a long way when they try to pick the rainbow. Help them see what fruits naturally form a rainbow in the shopping cart.
  • 5,000... Processed foods could contain an estimated 5,000 different additives. These represent the number of additives allowed to be added to foods, per the Federal Drug Administration(FDA). For kids, these additives cause compromised immune systems, allergies, nausea, diarrhea, etc.
  • 50%... More than 50% of our diets in the US is comprised of processed foods. This may be even higher for kids. A kid’s diet comprised mostly of processed foods can lead to obesity, diabetes, compromised immune systems and allergies.  
Kids’ bodies are still developing, their taste buds are experimenting. Remember, they don't know any food until someone introduces it to them. So start young, start fresh, use logic and lead by example!

What's in your Flavored Yogurt?

I cannot talk enough about the nasty ingredients in pre packaged food. Below is one such example of "Well intentioned poor eating"


This is a yogurt most kids bring to school or eat after school and parents love the "fruit yogurt" for the calcium and fruit it adds to their child's body. Let's take a peak at some of the ingredients.

1. Modified Corn Starch: Modified corn starch is nothing but a chemically altered derivative of corn that is added due to its thickening property. This may NOT  be a gluten free product and can be supplemented by food starch from; wheat, potato, rice, or tapioca (Read more here: http://bit.ly/2lhsqZj)

Modified corn starch often contains about 10% maltodextrin, which is a common keyword used by industry to hide the presence of monosodium glutamate (MSG). (Read more here: http://bit.ly/2kKbJ8r)

2. Natural Flavor: We often are quick to read the labels and put food items back on shelf when they say 'artificial', but we think 'natural' is good. 'Natural' in reality does not mean anything on food labels. Have you ever seen a strawberry saying "natural strawberry flavor"? No. Because it is common sense!

When using words like natural flavoring, you might be getting possibly anything in your food. It could excitotoxins (http://bit.ly/2jZCqBl) that can make you crave that food more and more-it becomes addictive. Makes sense as to why no one ever craves 'carrots' and they would crave a pack of chips!

3. Sugar: What does reduced sugar mean? Nothing-it means they had over 25 gms of sugar in their pack earlier and now it is 18 gms. Way more than what a child should be consuming in one meal (and this is a snack item).





Full Fat Plain Greek Yogurt, Frozen Strawberries, Frozen Banana, Frozen Mango or any fruit of your choice, Fresh banana for texture and sweetness and small amount honey (optional).  


Mix together in blender.  To avoid runny yogurt, blend the fruit first and mix with the yogurt second.

Toxins: Major Cause of New Year Weight Gain


Why Toxins

  • Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s eating usually leads to an average unwanted 2-6 pounds.
  • Over-eating, toxic inflammatory foods, under-nourished bodies lead to unwanted pounds.
  • Toxins are present in nasty preservatives, pesticides and GMOs.
  • Toxic overload results in weight gain, sluggish bodies, tiredness, unhealthy looking skin, bloating and lower immunity.
  • Our bodies metabolize food differently in fall/winter than spring/summer.
  • More often than not, we’re not even eating seasonally.
  • The transition from one season to another is sometimes hard for our body. We fall sick more often.

Combat Toxins

  1. Pause before we enter a new season and reset our bodies with a food detox.
  2. Eat Seasonal, find out what’s growing naturally in the region you live and eat seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  3. Eat more vegetables, fruits, lentils, organic grass fed meats, seeds and homemade bites.
  4. Cut down on inflammatory foods-gluten, grains, nuts, dairy and sugar for a while.
  5. Fix your gut, digestion not only handles how your body handles food and how it burns it, but also takes care of your mental health, weight issues, inflammatory responses amongst others.
  6. Exercise and move more with what motivates you-dancing, yoga, hiking, pilates, spinning, or something else.
  7.  Drink lots of water, water helps flush out toxins, making it easier to lose weight, have better skin, more energy amongst other benefits.

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5 Holiday and New Year Health & Wellness Tips


  1. Make getting ‘healthier’ your new year resolution, not ‘losing weight’. That way you will have something immediate to look forward to (e.g., one week of healthy eating). In the long run, many clients have lost more weight with this strategy.
  2. Remember the ground rule, good fat will never make you fat, sugar and white flour will. Fill your plate with salads/greens, sweet potatoes, lean meat, starch and dessert in that order and in descending proportions. Use good quality oils like Avocado, Coconut oil or Olive oil, maybe adding seeds and nuts to your food. When your body is nourished, it will tell you to stop. When your body tells you to stop-Stop!
  3. Exercise: Don’t wear a Fitbit because everyone tells you it’s important to walk 12,000 steps a day. Exercise could mean different things to different people. Find out what moves you. Many people enjoy dancing, hiking and martial arts as their way to destress and exercise.
  4. Carry a water bottle with you. Chances are you’re not drinking enough water for your weight. Water helps our body to drain the toxins out. The formula to follow is ‘half of your body weight (lbs.) in Ounces (oz). Eg: If you weight 150 lbs, drink at least 75 oz of water a day.
  5. Set realistic goals for yourself. Find out what has worked for you in the past and what hasn’t. Do not expect perfection from yourself, get started anyhow and keep walking on that path. Ask for help, offer help to friends who are on a similar journey.

How food changed in India!

A recent trip to India reminded me of how food had changed, even since the time I was a child. It helped me ask a few questions to my grand mom who is now over 90 and reach out to a fellow blogger who was in India too at that time to understand how food changed in dififerent parts of the country. Read More

Perfectly Organic!

Our great grandparents survived on a completely organic diet-it was called 'Food' NOT 'Organic Food'. Modern farming methods that involve the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides did not exist back then. Over the few decades, our diet and farming practices have changed significantly owing to the ever increasing population and lack of time, however our bodies and our genetics have not evolved to accept these chemicals and food laced with toxins that our body doesn’t recognize. Read More

Healthy Grocery Shopping Tour

Take the guess work out of shopping groceries. Healthy eating requires picking the right ingredients without breaking the bank. Learn to pick new, healthy replacements. During this tour you will learn Read More