Can children really digest sugar?

Refined sugar affects kids and adults alike. If we give up sugar, so should our children! Surprisingly, sugar is offered to children as young as 6 months old. Slowly, they develop a taste for sugar and then like all their drinks or meals sweetened. This trend continues through adulthood, thus robbing the body of valuable nutrients, and leading to obesity, low immunity amongst other health issues. Read More


Food is Fun: A Healthy Eating Workshop for kids

A fun Workshop for kids between 6-10 yrs -A fun and interactive workshop with kids discussing nutrition and health -Several activities and games involving team work -Recipe creation -Healthy Food sampling Read More


The 'Healthy' Myth!

Our concept of health has increasingly become so skewed-so lopsided that we tend to overlook the very meaning of "being healthy" Focus on feeling healthy, doing your best to get out there and exercise-dance if you want, go biking, hiking, do yoga, pilates, get to the gym-do whatever works for you but get that body moving Read More


Whole Foods Body Reset

Did you know you can give your body a jumpstart? This Detox is for you if you want to 1. Feel more energized 2. Lose weight and learn to keep it off 3. Conquer your cravings 4. Understand what fuels your body and what burns it 5. Sleep better and wake up like a new person with new energy 6. Boost your immune system 7. Beat the mid day energy slump ...and more Read More


30 Day Clean Eating Program!

Making changes with our diet and lifestyle isn’t easy. Oftentimes, it’s because we aren’t sure WHAT to do for a long-term strategy for success. We know that diets don’t work long term, and rapid weight loss often leads to rapid weight gain. Read More


Weekend Bootcamp for women-Cupertino

-Outdoor location in Cupertino -Starts March 19, 2016 -10 weeks of intensive workout -Fun & supportive workout group -Saturday and Sunday Mornings 7:30 am -Combination of strength and cardio exercises -Workouts that hit multiple muscles groups simultaneously and burn fat faster -One on One nutritional coaching through the program (if opted) -One complimentary Nutritional Health History session (to all participants) Read More


The 'Well Intentioned-Poor Eating' problem!

Have you ever been to the Grocery Store, picked up a ‘whole grain’ ‘fiber rich’ healthy foods and snacks and realized later when you talk to someone or read something online that it was the worst food you could have picked from your family and yourself? I know I have. I call it ‘well intentioned, poor eating’ Read More

What I eat on a typical day

One of the things I get asked often is "What on earth should I eat to get to my health goal?" My answer is - "it depends..." It depends on your eating habits, what you grew up eating, your medical history, what you enjoy eating, your activity levels, how much you enjoy cooking, your allergies AND what you have in your fridge! Read More

Don't own stress!

In Health Coaching, one of the most common problem I hear from people is that they don't lose weight. More often than not, I realize these clients are under constant stress. Constant stress could also cause jitters, spasms, cravings, over-eating, under-eating and hormonal imbalance. Constant stress is also a behavioral attribute, and sometimes, it is a learnt behavior. Some people are born 'worriers' and others just have get overwhelmed with too many stimuli and don't know how to cope. Someone I worked with 'loved' the comfort zone of being under constant stress. Whatever it is, its a real problem-so acknowledge it so you take the next step of managing it. Read More


Proteins and Sugar Cravings

One of the most common reasons for craving sweet is that we are not eating enough proteins - the kind of proteins our body likes and the quantity it needs. If you are working out 7 days a week, your protein requirement will definitely be more than someone who isn't as active. Read More