The 'Healthy' Myth!

One of the most important things I hear during social conversations is

"Why does he/she need to workout? He/She is skinny anyway"
"Why does he/she need to stay away from pizza? They don't need to lose weight"

Our concept of health has increasingly become so skewed-so lopsided that we tend to overlook the very meaning of "being healthy"

Let's answer these

1. How many times do you fall sick (include flu, cold, seasonal allergies, virals, etc) in a year?
2. How many times have you seen your doctor in the last one year?
3. What do your annual blood tests show?
4. Can you climb up 2 flights of stairs without panting?
5. Do you have backaches (with no injuries)?
6. Do you feel tired/exhausted often?
7. Do you feel you 'need' to have that cup of coffee a couple of times a day or that energy bar to beat the mid day slump?
8. Are you happy with your skin?

If you have answered 'yes' to any one of those, let's redefine health!

'Health' is a physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well being. It is about strength-to fight seasonal allergies, mid day slump, your cholesterol, your blood sugars, your food addictions, be pain free, etc.

Every morsel, every meal either nourishes you or takes you one step closer to your best you or your worst health ever.

What is more important-being skinny or being healthy?

Let's not confuse the two. While being skinny may be a function of eating well and regular exercise, it may not always be true. Walk into a doctor's office and you will see some of the skinniest people walking in several times a season with flu and viral infection.

It is important to eat in a way that nourishes your body functions, your immune system. It is important to workout in a way that makes your body strong and your mind peaceful. It is important to find harmony within your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual state.

An example

I had a client who walked into my office sometime back having failed to get to the gym repeatedly. He just didn't have time for it. He also ended up eating instant noodles for lunch-easy to heat in the office microwave.

As a health coach, my job is to find out why that happened. During our discussion, we realized he had long forgotten his love for hiking. We together found a hiking group for him and he now hikes twice a week and he slowly started strength training twice a week with his hiking group-mates. No more push needed-he looks forward to meeting his buddies now!

He also started canning salad jars for a week-which were easy to grab on his way out of the house every morning. This provided him with a balanced and healthy lunch-giving him more energy and the nutrition he needed for his increased activity level.

Not all workouts are for everyone! Nor are all diets. We had to play around a lot with his protein levels, food combinations, caffeine consumption, etc.

What should one do?

Focus on feeling healthy, doing your best to get out there and exercise-dance if you want, go biking, hiking, do yoga, pilates, get to the gym-do whatever works for you but get that body moving

Make the best choices you can with food. Find out what foods feed you and what foods burn you. Awareness about your own body will take you a long way.

Don't now where to start? Reach out!


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