Proteins and Sugar Cravings

I love sugar! And I blame my college roommate for that. We went for our evening run and always picked up a dessert from this small pigeon hole of a shop towards the end of our run. Many many years later, I got pregnant and realized, I was eating more ice cream than vegetables. Hence started my struggle with sugar.

To me sugar was always sugar. If it came by any other name it was ok-atleast it came sans calories! But then I craved more sugar. 

I am going to work on a series about sugar and the tricks that helped me and my clients. In this blog I talk about our protein intake and sugar cravings

Why do I need sugar?

One of the most common reasons for craving sweet is that we are not eating enough proteins - the kind of proteins our body likes and the quantity it needs. If you are working out 7 days a week, your protein requirement will definitely be more than someone who isn't as active.

How much/what kind of protein do I need?

I always stress on bio-individuality - each body is different and its protein requirement/and the kind maybe different than any other. My husband's body needs more animal protein, mine loves more beans, seaweed, kale, spinach, broccoli, etc. (How do you find that out? Work with me and we will figure out together)

Oftentimes our body is not properly digesting protein. Protein balances blood sugar, which decreases craving more sugar. If you’re eating enough of the right kind of protein and digesting it well, your cravings will lessen.

Digesting proteins

If you think you are eating enough of the good proteins and you are still craving more sweets, you may have low stomach acidity. Low stomach acidity can hinder protein absorption. On the other hand, if you have too much acid, it can cause more craving because too much acid imitates hunger

What can you do?

1. Eat the right kinds of protein for your body
2. Eat enough of those, depending on your activity level
3. Add more healthy fats to your diet
4. Strengthen your gut
5. Have more water. Reach out to water before you reach out to sugar
6. Cut back on caffeine & processed foods
7. Eat more sweet vegetables
8. Eat fruits instead of dessert. 
9. Eat foods rich in magnesium. (I love cacao and so do my kids)
10. Exercise-any kind of workout you like!


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