Russian Salad with a Twist!

Prep Notes


1.1/2 cup shelled peas

2.1 cup carrot-peeled and diced.

3.1 cup French Beans- stringed and cut.

4.1 large potato- boiled, peeled and cubed

5.2 cups yogurt

6.1 Tbsp salt or to taste.

7.1 Tbsp black pepper- freshly powdered.

8.1 Tbsp mustard powder.

9.  1 Tsp honey


- Take all the veggies together and add them to a bowl. 

- Add curd with crushed pepper and salt as per taste. Mix it well. 

- Add a pinch of two of paprika for that zing taste. 

- Toss the salad well and refrigerate for 1 hour min. 

Serve chilled! You may add oregano and some other herb leaves to add that extra texture and taste.

When cooking the veggies, ensure that you do not overcook them – because the vibrant colors and crispness of the vegetables have to be retained. You can sprinkle little coconut palm sugar sugar and salt while doing this for green veggies.